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Plasticity Shanghai: 2016

Presentations and videos of speeches from Shanghai are available here.

Plasticity Shanghai took place in April, with great success, and the first discussion of its type on plastic sustainability in China. Our press release was picked up by publications with a reach of over 385 million readers, so we believe that this was a very positive launch of a big discussion on plastic sustainability, and where the leaders are going with design, innovation, materials, recycling, and a world for a reduced waste footprint. Event photos can be viewed here.

This event was held during the same week as CHINAPLAS 2016, and included a tour to the world’s 2nd biggest plastic trade show. The Plasticity Forum also included a 1\/2-day workshop called “Go Circular – Envisioning Products and Packaging in a Circular Economy” that was held in conjunction with our partners, Successful Design, CBi China Bridge, and Green Initiatives.

We also are pleased to announce a new report by Trucost plc, one of our partners, that is one of the world’s first studies to assess the Net Benefit Analysis of sustainable plastic solutions, with Dell and Algix. If their new materials, use of recycled content and reduced packaging were to be replicated across their industries, the benefit to the global environment and our communities would be valued at over US$3.5bn annually. You can read the press release here and download the Report Here.

Event Summary Video on Youku 优酷

Plasticity Shanghai Event Summary Video

Event Testimonial: “I arrived in Shanghai from Australia for Plasticity, not entirely sure of what was to unfold. As a small business looking for opportunities to grow, Plasticity was more rewarding than I could have hoped for. A day of passionate talks from some of the world’s leading minds raising awareness of the scale of the plastics problem, the role of global business in accepting responsibility, and the urgency with which business and government must act to slow plastic pollution and, as I learnt was possible, eventually reverse it.

I left Plasticity with a sense of hope and even excitement, buzzing with ideas for our business to harness this urgency and shape our future beyond a zero-waste, circular economy, realising the potential to go even further, reducing waste to landfill by manufacturing our glasses frames and cases (even uniforms and lens cloths!) from post consumer waste.

It was not just hope and excitement, but also a pocket full of email addresses of people with the know-how, contacts and just as much passion to help make these ideas a reality. I arrived back to the Dresden team in Sydney with excited plans to use a variety of post consumer ‘waste’, launching each as an individual ‘range’ that tells the story of each plastic as a valuable resource rather than waste, and a greater awareness of the “true cost” of our decisions as a business.

A fantastic couple days of contagious passion and innovation. Plasticity is about the future of our planet and what every player in the plastics industry can and must do to improve our communities and waters by bringing plastic into a circular economy.

Jack Piper, Dresden Optics – www.dresden.com.au