What Happened at Previous Events

Capturing Gold – Ideas competition ’12

In 2012 we launched a global competition called ‘Capturing Gold’. This ideas competition focused on PET plastic bottles with two challenges: How to best bring the bottles back, en-masse, from our communities, for recycling, and what best to do with the material when aggregated.

There were over 100 international ideas submitted, and the platform allowed for others to add to the ideas in order to make them stronger. The winning ideas for “capture” included the “PET Race” and “Turning PET into Pesos,” with the former being a competitive digital game application and the latter being a community/children based collection program where rewards are given from local businesses. The best “use” ideas included the creation of new furniture products via a large brand, and the use of material for making large scale playground equipment.

Click here for an overview of the winning ideas.