What's Plasticity?

Plastic doesn’t need to be a problem. There are solutions out there but they need to be replicable, scaleable and profitable.

Plastic – A Wasted Opportunity

It’s versatile, it’s cheap, and it’s incredibly convenient. Yet despite being designed to throw away, plastic simply doesn’t go away.

Every year a staggering 280 million tons of plastic is produced globally, yet estimates suggest that only 10% each year is actually recycled. Capturing this waste stream presents a significant and untapped business opportunity, as does the redesign of packaging, and the thought process around waste creation.

The Plasticity Forum presents ideas on how to harness this material in new ways, both “pre” and “post” consumer use. Discussions focused on design, materials, innovations, re-use, and waste reduction, and we hope that this is a seed to create more discussions of this type across our communities.


Join us on 24th June, 2014 in New York for this year’s Plasticity Forum. This year be part of the most influential dialogue on a world of plastic without the footprint. Innovation and collaboration is critical to our material world and this business event brings together top influencers such as producers, users, recycler, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Plasticity Forums

The first Plasticity Forum was held in Rio de Janeiro at the the Rio+20 Earth Summit, and was followed by a highly successful event at the Asia Society in Hong Kong in June, 2013. Plasticity is about bringing together leaders who can learn and collaborate with one another to help scale up some of the great solutions which are now coming to market. The goal is to have a world where plastic is used, but without creating a plastic footprint on our communities. Plasticity Forums showcase sustainable solutions and market opportunities for transforming plastic waste into a valuable resource.

Please contact us to find out more information: hello@plasticityforum.com