Confirmed presenters so far include:

Dr. Alper Kiziltas, Research Scientist – Plastic Research Group, Ford Motor Co.
Scott Clear, Chief Design & Innovation Officer, RKS Design
Edward Kosior, Managing Director, Nextek Ltd.
Trish Hyde, CEO, Australian Packaging Covenant
Larry Black, Senior Advisor Waste Management McDonough Sustainable Innovation Collaboration, McDonough Innovation
Christina Weber, Regional Vice President, Interface Inc.
Jim Hill, Senior Specialist – Sustainable Materials Research Unit, CalRecycle
Uday Nandan, Managing Director, Stifel Investment Banking
Ricardo Bayon, Founder and Partner, Encourage Capital
Nina Butler, CEO, and Stacey Luddy, CFO, More Recycling Associates Inc.
Tamsin Ettefagh, VP – Sales, Envision Plastics
Marcos Mafia, Founder, Mafia Bags
Conrad McKerron, President, As You Sow
Jessica Bibiana Alba Torres, EkumuroH2O
Ricardo Enrique Alba Torres, EkomuroH2O
Doug Woodring, Founder & MD, Plasticity Forum and Ocean Recovery Alliance
Robert Grace, President, RC Grace LLC (Event Moderator)


Dr. Alper Kiziltas

Research Scientist - Plastic Research Group
Ford Motor Co.

Alper focuses his research on sustainability and emerging materials such as nanomaterials, polymeric and soft materials, biomaterials, glassy and amorphous materials, self-healing materials and bio-inspired and patterned functional materials. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Maine. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Karadeniz Technical University (KTU), and has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and papers. He regularly serves in organizational leadership roles for SPE (the Society of Plastics Engineers), including for several of SPE’s major automotive events. He received the best professional paper award at SPE’s Automotive Composites Conference & Exposition, and holds five patent disclosures.

Scott Clear

Chief Design & Innovation Officer
RKS Design

“Unexpected Innovation Through Design Leadership”

Scott has over 30 years experience in Design-led Innovation and building Brands by Design, bringing a new dimension to the world of Industrial Design with his unique global competencies, experiences, training, and knowledge that is a highly desired missing link in the “Business of Design”.

Scott has a very unique skill set; a world-class industrial designer with expertise in business strategy, marketing, architecture, transportation, and product development. This combination results in signature solutions and unexpected industry firsts that unlock areas of design opportunities and Intellectual Properties (IP), which often opens doors to new acquisitions, management growth, and of course bottom line profits.

As an industry thought leader and consummate champion of brand, design, and innovation, Scott is an articulate lecturer and correspondent on the topics of using design and creative processes to think beyond the constraints of existing processes to envision and implement new progressive design strategies.

Talk Content: An overview of real life case studies where design was able to impact large corporations to help them innovate in new markets they didn’t know were possible. We will explore how a designer’s outside influences can bring a fresh perspective to both current and dated technologies to ultimately identify relevant new opportunities that had never before been imagined. This approach shows how implementing design can more efficiently attain greater results in innovation.

Clients include: Ford, Cadillac, GMC, Honda, Nissan, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, GE, 3M, Corning, Eastman, Weyerhaeuser, PolyOne, Johnson Controls, Samsung, Microsoft, Philips, Sony, Masco, Moen, Denon Heos and Bose.

Trish Hyde

Australian Packaging Covenant

“Galileo: Are Circular Economies Flat? – Embedding Circularity”

Trish joined the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) as Chief Executive Officer in April 2016, signalling the start of a strategic renewal and rejuvenation the organisation. Under Trish’s guidance, the APC has stepped up to embrace a new paradigm of packaging sustainability in Australia, enabling industry-wide collaboration and leadership to deliver environmental outcomes.

With a passion for innovation and learning, Trish brings people together to create change. She has extensive leadership experience across a broad range of industries including complex, highly regulated, stakeholder-diverse corporations. With expertise in advocacy, communications and core business skills, she continues to deliver transformational outcomes for business, with a focus on repositioning and game-changing alliances.

Edward Kosior

Managing Director

Edward has over 37 years’ experience in plastics and rubber he has worked globally with many government and commercial organisations. His expertise is based on 23years as an academic and 14 years working with the recycling of plastics packaging including the design of many modern plants and achieving patented recycling breakthroughs. He is a regular speaker at international conferences presenting the latest developments and commercial opportunities arising from new technologies

Edward was previously the Associate Professor of Polymer Engineering and Director of the Polymer Technology Centre at RMIT University, Australia, until 1997. He then joined Visy Industries where he was involved from the planning stage of Australia’s foremost post-consumer plastics recycling plant. He has developed novel processes and designed plants for recycling post-consumer PET, HDPE, PP and LDPE bags in Europe and gained approval from the U.S. FDA for several processes used in food contact applications.

He established Nextek Ltd in 2004 to provide consultancy services to assist the development strategic approaches to sustainable packaging, waste reduction and minimal life cycle impact. He is involved with many industry associations, universities, and research organisations and is a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineering. He also provides support to organisations such as the Earth Champions Foundation, Plastics Oceans, Project Kaisei and Plastics Marine Litter Advisory Board.

Tamsin Ettefagh

VP - Marketing and Purchasing
Envision Plastics

The Revolution in Recycled Content for Food Grade Packaging

Tamsin has more than 29 years of experience in the areas of recycling and plastics recycling — from implementing a recycling collection program, to running the recycling operations for a Materials Recovery Facility, to purchasing raw materials for plastic recycling companies, to selling recycled resins for plastic recycling companies. She also has done consulting for agencies, banks, and potential plastic manufacturers on market conditions, types of supply, and how to evolve and diversify markets for recycled resins.

Tamsin currently is a vice president for North Carolina-based Envision Plastics, the second largest HDPE plastic recycler in North America. She created a blog called “Save The Plastics” to help educate the public on the misnomers of the materials. She also has developed strategy related to commercializing FDA-grade recycled HDPE.

Tamsin will present a picture of what is possible and how a variety of post-consumer recycled plastic materials are being used safely in a variety of food-contact applications with the support of robust regulatory frameworks and appropriate testing protocols.

Larry Black

Senior Advisor Waste Management McDonough Sustainable Innovation Collaborative
McDonough Innovation

“Product Design and Recycling Realities”

Larry is a Senior Advisor to McDonough Innovation, and works with governments, urban planners, major corporations and thought-leaders globally to solve waste, recycling, packaging and curricular economy challenges. He is a passionate environmentalist while being committed to sound economic decision making. Lawrence is a consultant, entrepreneur and business leader who has worked across a wide range of industries, including retail, environmental, waste and recycling, energy, manufacturing and commercial real estate. He has held senior leadership positions, including Director Global Business Development at Waste Management, VP Retail Services Group at Grubb & Ellis Commercial Real Estate and Chief Merchant at Sport Chalet. His retail experience includes owning and operating a number of specialty stores and serving as senior merchandising consultant to Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Patagonia, Macys, and Sports Authority among others.

As a professional member of the National Speakers Association, Lawrence enjoys delivering presentations, training and executive coaching. Drawing on his strong business development capacity, he has sold over one billion dollars of products and services, primarily in the environmental services sector. In addition to his role at McDonough Innovation, he advises governments and Fortune 1000 companies on how to create effective waste and recycling strategies. He is a graduate of the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and participates in numerous associations.

Marcos Mafia

Mafia Bags

Marcos is the founder of Mafia bags, and formerly a professional kitesurfer. The idea for MAFIA struck Marcos upon realizing that the piles of sturdy, colorful sails stashed away untouched in storage facilities could be repurposed into versatile bags for everyday carry. MAFIA grew quickly through word of mouth.

Now Mafia Bags operates in four countries, has a growing team of employees, and has expanded their product line to not only include the perfect globe-trotting wetsuit bag, but also a refined collection of versatile packs and totes to accommodate both beach and city lifestyles. They regularly work with industry leaders such as Patagonia, Vans, Reef, SFMoMA, the Stanford Design School, and many others to bring innovative products from reclaimed materials.
The belief that a low-impact lifestyle guides every decision they make — from reusing cardboard shipping boxes to guaranteeing every product we make with a lifetime warrantee.

Mafia is making products that fit the future of conscientious consumers deciding why, where and how things are made.

Conrad MacKerron

Senior Vice President
As You Sow

“Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities Involved in the Transition to Recyclable Multi-material Packaging”

Conrad is Senior Vice President at As You Sow, an Oakland non-profit that promotes corporate social responsibility through shareholder advocacy. Conrad has more than a decade of experience managing corporate dialogues and shareholder advocacy initiatives on key social and environmental issues. He specializes in engagements on resource efficiency and post-consumer producer responsibility. He has engaged Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, PepsiCo, and Procter & Gamble on sustainable packaging; and Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and Dell on electronic waste recycling. In the social arena, he has engaged Gap, McDonald’s, Nordstrom, Nike and Walt Disney on supply chain labor practices. His most recent focus challenges consumer brands to make plastic packaging more recyclable and to take more responsibility for improvement of recycling collection and processing systems.

He was formerly director of social research at Piper Jaffray Philanthropic & Social Investment Consulting; Washington Bureau Chief for Chemical Week; and writer for BNA’s Environment Reporter. He received the SRI Service Award for outstanding contribution to the social investor community. He is author of the book Business in the Rainforests: Corporations, Deforestation and Sustainability; and several As You Sow reports including Unfinished Business: The Case for Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging; and Waste and Opportunity 2015: Environmental Progress and Challenges in Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods Packaging.

Uday Nandan

Managing Director

Uday is a Managing Director at Stifel Investment Bank in New York. He has responsibility for coverage of the Plastics, Packaging & Paper Sectors within the firm’s Industrials Group. Uday brings a breadth of transaction experience across debt, equity and M&A products. Prior to Stifel, he worked in senior banker roles at George K. Baum Capital and Merrill Lynch. Uday combines experience in investment banking and industry, having spent several years in business development at Tyco International before joining Merrill Lynch in 2005. He began his investment banking career as an associate at Salomon Smith Barney prior to joining Tyco.

Uday holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, a Master’s of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Villanova University, and an MBA from University of Michigan’s Business School.

Ricardo Bayon

Founder and Partner
Encourage Capital

Ricardo is a Founder and Partner of Encourage Capital, a new breed of asset management firm focused on profitable and strategic investments to solve critical social and environmental problems. Encourage Capital seeks to build a community of investors, foundations, market leading companies, governments and non-profits who are working together to address some of the world’s most challenging issues while generating financial returns for its investors.

Encourage was formed through the merger of Wolfensohn Fund Management (the firm created by the former head of the World Bank, Jim Wolfensohn) and EKO Asset Management, a firm that Mr. Bayon created with his business partner, Jason Scott. Encourage currently manages more than $250 M in assets and has raised capital from Foundations, high net-worth individuals, family offices, and other impact investors. EKO and Wolfensohn have done work and made investments on issues like financial inclusion, carbon markets, fisheries, water, and green infrastructure.

Mr. Bayon also serves as the company’s Chief Impact and Innovation Officer. Prior to co-founding EKO, he helped found and served as the Managing Director of the “Ecosystem Marketplace,” a web site and information/analysis service covering these emerging environmental markets. In that capacity he co-authored a number of publications on voluntary carbon markets, mitigation banking, and ecosystem services including “The State of Voluntary Carbon Markets 2007: Picking up Steam” and “Voluntary Carbon Markets: An International Business Guide to What They Are and How They Work,” and “Conservation and Biodiversity Banking: A Guide to Setting Up and Running Biodiversity Credit Trading System”.

For nearly two decades he has specialized on issues related to finance, banking, and the environment. He has done work for a number of organizations, including Insight Investments, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank, IUCN, The Nature Conservancy, Domini Social Investment, among others. His articles have appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly, the International Herald Tribune,. He has also written numerous articles and books on mitigation banking, renewable energy, biodiversity markets, markets for water quality, and other environmental markets. He was born in Bogota, Colombia, and is currently based in San Francisco.

Christina Weber

Regional Vice President

Christina has more than a decade of experience in both the private and non-profit sectors focused on environmental sustainability in the built environment. Currently, Christina is Regional Vice President at Interface, Inc. a global sustainability leader and the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile. In her role, she aligns Interface’s sustainability initiatives and vision with their largest global customers’ to create engagement opportunities for business to become more restorative.

Previously, Christina led sales and business development for Sustainable Industries, an award-winning media company providing news and trends in corporate responsibility, cleans technology, green building, energy and finance. She also served as Director of Development for Architecture for Humanity, an international non-profit providing sustainable design services to those most in need. Christina is immediate Past Board Chair for the U.S. Green Building Council’s Northern California Chapter.

Nina Butler

More Recycling Associates

“Learning From Nature to Optimize Waste Recovery”

Nina is Chief Executive Officer of More Recycling Associates, with more than 16 years of experience in plastics recycling. She has designed and implemented numerous programs and resources, such as www.PlasticFilmRecycling.org and www.PlasticsMarkets.org.

The Chapel Hill, N.C.-based company — which Nina recently acquired jointly with COO/CFO Stacey Luddy — is the next generation of Moore Recycling Associates Inc., with its very similar name an intentional nod to its predecessor. More Recycling is a research and technology firm with a deep understanding of the recycling ecosystem, especially for plastics. With a focus on information analysis, More Recycling gathers the critical information to build the tools and programs for sustainable materials management.

Nina has worked to foster industry collaboration, and shed light on the information necessary to overcome barriers to the recycling of plastics in the United States. She also is chief technical adviser for the Wrap Recycling Action Program, a national plastic film recycling initiative. She has a Master’s degree in environmental management from Duke University.

Stacey Luddy

More Recycling Associates

Stacey is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of More Recycling Associates, managing overall operations for the Chapel Hill, N.C.-based company, as well as the information management system that supports resources such as www.PlasticsMarkets.org, www.RecycleMorePlastic.org and www.PlasticFilmRecycling.org.
More Recycling — which Stacey recently acquired jointly with CEO Nina Bellucci Butler — is the next generation of Moore Recycling Associates Inc., with its very similar name is an intentional nod to its predecessor. The new More Recycling is a research and technology company with a deep understanding of the recycling ecosystem, especially for plastics. With a focus on quality information analysis, More Recycling gathers the critical information to build the tools and programs for sustainable materials management.

Stacey, meanwhile, also manages the annual Plastic Recycling Study, which documents the volume of plastic recycled in the U.S. and Canada, and the Plastic Recycling Terminology Project, which promotes standard plastic recycling terminology for public outreach and well as traded commodities. She did her undergraduate work in environmental studies/planning and economics and holds a MBA with a focus on sustainable enterprise.

Jim Hill

Senior Specialist - Sustainable Materials Research Unit

“The California Plastics Loop: Policy, Programs and Perspectives”

Jim is a Senior Specialist in the Sustainable Materials and Research Unit within CalRecycle, the agency that oversees California’s many recycling programs. For more than 25 years he has worked with the glass and plastic industries to expand use of recycled feedstocks, through market development and advanced technologies for materials processing and manufacturing. In recent years he managed projects related to end-of-life pathways for packaging, plastics and carpet, including optical sorting, life cycle assessment and Extended Producer Responsibility. He was lead author of a comprehensive report called Biobased and Degradable Plastics: Understanding New Packaging Materials and Their Management in California, which addresses the challenges for recycling in a rapidly changing materials universe. Jim also analyzes recycling-related bills introduced in the Legislature, providing recommendations to CalRecycle managers, and works closely with CalRecycle’s new greenhouse-gas reduction grant program, which funds projects using previously landfilled materials to manufacture new products and packaging in the state.

California is often considered a “bellwether” state for environmental policy: initiatives that begin here often spread eastward across the United States. Recently, the state enacted the nation’s first statewide ban on single-use plastic grocery bags, and requires minimum recycled content and certification of reusable bags. Jim will present an overview of state policies and programs that reduce disposal of plastics, lower greenhouse gases, and prevent land and marine litter. Topics include plastic bags, beverage container deposits, plastic market development payments, rigid plastic packaging requirements, proposed changes to the Resin Identification Codes, bioplastics, marine and waterway litter, and CalRecycle’s current dialog with stakeholders regarding mandatory policy options to effectively manage packaging at end of life.

Jessica Bibiana Alba Torres

Project Manager
Ekomuro H2O

Jessica works with Ekomuro H2O on their rainwater collection project with plastic bottles on houses and other building structures. She is 20 years old and is in her second year of graphic design at the Pilot University. She has been focused on studying and sports, and from an early age has been involved in the development of activities that seek the care and improvement of the environment. She led the environmental committees in her previous schools, and has worked on projects involving solar thermal energy, rainwater harvesting and green roofs, from the reuse of plastic waste. Ekomuro H2O has been selected as a Finalist for the Ecology Planet Blue Award, the most important environmental award in Colombia.

These activities, in addition to the help and effort of her family, have allowed the project Ekomuro h2o + rain harvest, to get several national and international awards such as the Finalist at the Global Google Science Fair in 2012, a Pavco honorable mention, Mexichen and its Young Water Protectors Program, and the most important so far, is as a finalist of the World Water Challenge program in the framework of the 7th World Water Forum in Korea 2015.

Ricardo Enrique Alba Torres

Ekomuro H20
Project Lead

Ricardo Enrique is from Bogotá, Colombia where he is completing his last year of Environmental Engineering in the Francisco José de Caldas District University. He has led the Environment Committees of the university, showcasing scientific and technological projects related to solar energy and the use of rainwater, with emphasis on the reuse of recyclable materials. He has participated in scientific fairs at the local and national level, sensitizing the community on the use of rainwater and the adequate disposal of solid waste. Ekomuro H2O has been selected as a Finalist for the Ecology Planet Blue Award, the most important environmental award in Colombia.

Ricardo Enrique is the entrepreneur of the project “Ekomuro H2o + Collection of rain water with PET” and its formulation and implementation in Educational Institutions and Rural Housing. Some of his achievements with the project include: Regional Finalist at the International Google Science Fair, nominated for Science in Action award by Scientific American magazine (year 2012), Finalist of the Bayer Environmental Youth Meeting (year 2013), Mention of Honor in the “Water Protection for Young People Pavco and Fundación Mexichen (year 2103). Finalist – Winner of the Talent and Innovation Award of the Americas, PepsiCo Eco – Challenge OAS (2013). Finalist – Winner of the World Water Challenge Award at the Seventh World Water Forum (Korea, 2015). He is also an active member of the Colombian Youth Network for the Environment, and he has had the opportunity to present my project in the Fifth Edition of the International Environmental Fair (FIMA, 2016).

Doug Woodring

Doug Woodring

Founder & Managing Director - Plasticity Forum
Ocean Recovery Alliance

Mr. Woodring is the Co-Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance, a non-profit organization which is focused on bringing innovative solutions, technology, collaborations and policy together to impact positive improvements for the health of the ocean. Two of its global programs were launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2010, the Global Alert platform, and the Plastic Disclosure Project. He is a UNEP Climate Hero for his efforts, and has been on the advisory board of the XPrize, and The Economist’s World Oceans Summit. In 2011, he co-authored the United Nations Environmental Program Yearbook chapter on the danger of plastic in the ocean. The group is the first NGO in the world to be working with both UNEP and the World Bank on plastic pollution and ocean issues. He is on the Advisory Committee of Wharton’s Institute for Global Environmental Leadership, and is the founder of the Plasticity Forum, first launched at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, and since held in Hong Kong, New York, Portugal, Shanghai and London.

He works with companies to improve their recycling and waste reduction vis-vis plastic, and helped Watsons Water, once of Asia’s biggest bottled water companies, to move to use 100% recycled PET material for its bottles, saving over 75,000,000 bottles per year from being used with virgin material.

Mr. Woodring has worked in Asia for over 20 years in a number of industries, including finance, the environment and new media platforms. He has a dual master’s degree from The Wharton School (MBA) and Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) where he studied Environmental Economics. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Robert Grace

RC Grace LLC

Robert began his B2B journalism career with Crain Communications Inc. in 1980 in Akron, Ohio, and worked as a reporter and editor for Crain for seven years in London, England, before returning to Akron in 1989 to become the founding editor of the weekly business newspaper Plastics News. He also served as PN’s associate publisher, conference director and business development director. He struck out on his own in 2014, launching RC Grace LLC, and in July 2016 also assumed the role of managing editor for Plastics Engineering, the magazine of the Society of Plastics Engineers. He is an ardent design advocate, and has been a member of the Industrial Designers Society of America since 2003. He has moderated every Plasticity Forum since Plasticity Portugal in June 2015.